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Компания Уют Мастер предлагает услуги по ремонту квартир под ключ в Ульяновске. Профессиональные бригады мастеров готовы выполнить полный комплекс услуг по ремонту включая монтаж пластиковых окон, изготовление корпусной мебели по индивидуальным размерам, монтаж натяжных потолков, строительные услуги. При заказе полноценной отделки квартиры компания предлагает воспользоваться актуальными акциями и скидками. Если хотите заказать ремонт квартиры под ключ недорого и быстро, то просто пишите или звоните нам. Ремонт и услуги по отделке квартир под ключ в Ульяновске https://uyutmaster73.ru/

Ремонт квартир под ключ Новосибирск

Компания Уют Мастер предлагает услуги по ремонту квартир под ключ в Новосибирске. Профессиональные бригады мастеров готовы выполнить полный комплекс услуг по ремонту включая монтаж пластиковых окон, изготовление корпусной мебели по индивидуальным размерам, монтаж натяжных потолков, строительные услуги и многое другое.

Ремонт квартир под ключ Новосибирск: https://umaster54.ru/

Plastic Packaging manufacturers

Plastic Packaging manufacturers Fruit and vegetable packaging is a kind of plastic shopping bag packaging, which is mainly used to pack fruits and vegetables. In order to facilitate the purchase of fruits and vegetables in supermarkets, there will be a kind of Fruit and vegetable packaging for packaging and carrying. First of all, what will we do after using these shopping bags? First of all, it is environmentally friendly when it is used by residents as garbage bags, loaded into garbage disposal sites, buried or incinerated. The second is to be recycled and enter the reprocessing enterprise. The furnace produces plastic bags or other plastic products. The whole process is also environmentally friendly. Third, being discarded by users into the wild will only cause environmental pollution. Less than 1% of used plastic shopping bags are discarded in the wild, and with the continuous progress of human civilization, the discarded proportion will become lower and lower. For example, the discarding rate in Western countries is less than 0.5%.Plastic Packaging manufacturers website:http://www.dingbangplastic.com/plastic-packaging/

uv laser engraving machine suppliers

uv laser engraving machine suppliers DOTSLASER has 12 years experience in modern laser machines market, we are an expert in laser machines building, all systems are researched, developed, manufactured with a higher international standard. Our items mostly incorporate laser engraving machines series, laser cutting machines series, laser welding machines series, laser cleaning machines series, and so on. Laser types include: fiber laser, CO鈧?laser, UV laser. We can also accept cases with customized needs, that means, OEM/ODM is an option. Our business tenet is: "Customer First, Quality First, Reputation First". Customer's satisfaction is our greatest driving force. We always think about what customers think and what customers want, and provide customers with perfect products as much as possible to maximize their benefits. Let us work together for a better future! Our company locate in Guangzhou. The head company has been established for more than ten years and currently has its own branches and offices in many cities in China. The factory mainly faces the domestic market and many overseas countries, such as the United States, Colombia, Brazil, Germany, Italy, South Korea, India, Kuwait, Turkey, Malaysia, Australia, etc. The products are all designed, produced, sold, and after-sale by ourselves. With rich laser machinery manufacturing capabilities and perfect technical support levels. Laser marking machines, laser cutting machines, laser welding machines, laser cleaning machine, Laser machines accessories. Processing materials: metal materials, such as: stainless steel, steel, alloy steel, sheet metal, aluminum, anodized aluminum, gold, copper, silver, zinc, etc., non-metallic materials, such as: plastic products (ABS, PVC, PC Etc.), glass, leather, fabric, ceramics, cardboard, etc. Applicable industries: mobile phones and accessories, electronics, automobiles and accessories, medical equipment, hardware, watches, plastics, jewelry, advertising, cosmetics, sanitary ware, building materials; craft gifts, wood, clothing, luggage, shoe materials, Greeting cards, pharmaceutical packaging, ceramics, marble, flexible circuit boards, glasses, jewelry, pipes and other industries. DOTSLASER's honor and Certificate Cooperating customersuv laser engraving machine suppliers website:http://www.dotslasermachines.com/

Customized UV Coating Machine

Customized UV Coating Machine Screen printing machine Product Information This UV screen printing machine prints with four-cylinder pressure, resulting in an even and clear printing effect. Simultaneously, it has a precision-guided belt that can not only drive printing with frequency conversion but also has high precision and smooth movement. The print head is moved in a straight line by the deceleration motor, which is quick and smooth. It also has the microprocessor failure area which is useful for future machine maintenance. Features This UV screen printing machine has the following features: 1) A good design for printing at a high speed and in a stable way. 2) Driven by a linear motor, which makes it simple to get the desired printing speed and effect. 3) There are three different types of models to choose from, each of which will meet the majority of your needs. 4) A wide range of paper thicknesses can be used, ranging from 100 to 350g/m2 5) High-precision, low-noise, wear-resistant, and precise positioning using a high-speed mute lead screw. Parameters ModelSHMFB-7050SHMFB-9060SHMFB-12080 Max Print Size700脳500mm900脳600mm1200脳800mm Max Screen Size1000脳700mm1200脳800mm1500脳1000mm Pallet Size900脳600mm1100脳700mm1300脳900mm Off-contact0-20mm0-20mm0-20mm Paper Thickness100-350g/m2100-350g/m2100-350g/m2 Print Motor1.5Kw1.5Kw1.5Kw Max Print Speed1000s/h900s/h800s/h Weight3000kg3500kg4100kg Total Power1.8kw2.8kw3.9kw Dimension1420脳1090脳1680mm1620脳1190脳1680mm1830脳1290脳1680mmCustomized UV Coating Machine website:http://www.homanmachines.com/uv-coating-machine/

gracious living 4 tier shelf

gracious living 4 tier shelf Our History JISE was established in October 2018, and began to build a factory in 2019, and established its own brand "JISE". It took 500 days to prepare and officially opened in June 2020. Since the company's operation, its performance has maintained a steady increase. In 2020 It has successfully become a regular cooperative supplier of JD.com, Vipshop, and Geek+. During the operation in 2020, it has obtained various qualification certificates and patents, and acquired many high-end equipment. After two years of hard work, the company has more than 100 employees. People, performance gradually develops steadily. Our Factory Jiangsu JISE Intelligent Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the planning, design, manufacturing, installation, debugging, maintenance, and consulting services of various storage equipment and storage systems. JISE has been focusing on the warehousing industry for many years, and has a group of high-quality design and R&D teams. With professional manufacturing experience, leading production equipment, excellent product quality, and honest business philosophy, we will provide every customer with high-quality products. With a full range of services, it enjoys a high reputation among partners and is the preferred storage equipment manufacturer for many companies. JISE factory is located in Dongtai City, Jiangsu Province. It covers an area of 35,000 square meters. It has various advanced automatic production lines for storage equipment, domestic first-class automatic electrostatic powder coating lines, and an average annual production capacity of 40,000 tons. JISE products are widely used in e-commerce, machinery, electronics, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, electric power, clothing, military industry and other industries, with product sales covering the world. In line with the enterprise spirit of "pragmatism, professionalism, unity, efficiency and innovation" and the vision of "becoming a global warehousing equipment supplier and service provider trusted by our partners", JISE will continue to forge ahead and move forward steadily! "Using high-quality products and services, continue to create value for customers" is the mission of JISE鈥檚 people! Product Application JISE鈥檚 products are widely used in e-commerce, machinery, electronics, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, electric power, clothing, military industry and other industries, with product sales covering the world Production Market Our products have been spread all over the country, and we have undertaken more than 100 storage rack projects. Since its establishment, we have signed 20 million sales of JD.com, 26 million sales of Vipshop, and 16 million sales of Geek+. Our service Pre-sales: When receiving the customer's demand information, reply or quote to the customer within 8 hours; if you need to make a design plan, strive to provide the plan diagram to the customer for confirmation within 2 working days, and make the quotation after the modification is completed to the customer's satisfaction; On sale: After receiving the customer's order, we will give the customer a time plan and timely feedback the production process to the customer, so that the customer can understand each process of their project in real time; A. Service content: 1. According to the customer's total construction schedule, propose a time schedule for the entire cycle from design, manufacturing, factory inspection, transportation, on-site installation and acceptance, to delivery. 2. According to the owner's civil engineering and fire protection design situation, complete the interface design of the equipment, civil engineering and other equipment, and submit a complete overall design plan drawing; 3. Establish the corresponding organizational structure according to the project situation, allocate fixed personnel, and formulate the project plan, so that the project can be implemented smoothly. 4. As the chief technical officer of the goods, JISE is responsible for the installation and commissioning of the racks, ensuring that the supplied rack systems meet the requirements of the technical documents and pass the final acceptance confirmed by both parties 5. According to the provisions of the contract, submit the actual situation and report on the execution of the contract to the client at each stage of the execution of the contract. B. The shelf quality guarantee period is 2 years, and the following services are provided during the quality guarantee period. 1. The overall shelf warranty period is 2 years. During the warranty period, if the product has quality, JISE will bear it, including the parts that need to be replaced in normal use (charged at cost). 2. In the event of collision damage or other man-made damages or new accessories, we are responsible for supplying them at the contract price. 3. For the maintenance requirements proposed by the customer, we promise to complete the maintenance work within the agreed maintenance date. 4. All losses incurred by customers during the use of the products (services) provided by us due to quality problems shall be borne by us. 5. During the warranty period, the seller will regularly provide technical information and materials on the use and maintenance of the goods. 6. Response time of after-sales technical services (1) The response time for free repair or replacement of goods or parts with quality problems is 24 hours; (2) Free repair or replacement of goods or parts with quality problems will be shipped within 20 days. C. Terms of after-sales service outside the warranty period: 1. After the warranty period expires, the seller will still provide high-quality after-sales service; the time limit of after-sales technical service is still according to the time within the warranty period; 2. After the warranty period expires, the service fee will only charge the cost of materials and labor; 3. The transportation expenses of maintenance personnel shall be charged according to actual conditions. gracious living 4 tier shelf website:http://www.jiseracks.com/

china Cast Steel Pressure Seal Globe Valves manufacturers

china Cast Steel Pressure Seal Globe Valves manufacturers WE ARE PIONEER IN VALVE INDUSTRY SINCE 1988 Jitai Valve Group has gained proven expertise in the most demanding environment by stringent quality control and traceable reports to provide zero-defect valves. Our rugged and durable configuration of valves ensures prolonged service life and frees our customers from endless breakdown. We always look forward to long-term partnership with our customer and make mutual benefits. Just email us or call us immediately when you need assistance in relation to valves. Since 1988, Jitai Valve Group has become a reputable valve manufacturer for the harsh working conditions with total turnover of USD 30 million dollars annually. Our company has more than 350 employees, including 20 engineering specialists, 50 inspection professionals and other seasoned technicians. We are competent at engineering and inspection to meet critical requirements of turn key projects. Our engineers uses Auto CAD,Solid Works,Pro/E,UG and other design software to perform sophisticated technological calulation while the advanced inspection center is set up to ensure all parts are in complete control. With various state-of-the-arts facilities , our workshops cover a total area of 26640 square meters , including Plant NoWorkshop SizeProducts Workshop 114940 sqmCast steel valves (GGC valves) Workshop 24500 sqmStainless steel valves Workshop 33600 sqmButterfly valves Workshop 43600 sqmBall valves Main product lines can be categorized into gate valves, globe valves, check valves, hydrogenation valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, control valves, power plant valves and other customized valves. Nominal diameter: 1/2 "~ 160" (DN15~DN4000) Operating pressure: 150Lb-4500Lb (0.25MPa ~ 42.0 Mpa ) Working temperature: -196 鈩?-816 鈩? Standard: API, ANSI, JIS, BS, EN, DIN, etc. Our valves are widely used in all industrial sectors, including power plant, chemical, oil & gas, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, paper& pulp, coal mining, cement, sewage, environmental protection and other industries. Our company has excellent processing and manufacturing equipment, including machining center, CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, CNC drilling machine, large precision vertical lathe and boring machine, plasma spray welding equipment, automatic painting assembly line and other special equipment with an annual production capacity of more than 20000 tons. Jitai Valve also acquires the vendor approval of influential industrial users and EPC companies in vast areas, including Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Czech, UAE, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. Our services are our core competitiveness and extensively offered, including consultancy, training, commissioning, start-up and aftersales service. Thus we are proud of providing value-added benefits for our customers when tailored valves are required for the severe working enviroment. Jitai Valve has established extremely rigid system of manufacturing and inspection. All our valves are produced and tested in accordance with cutting-edge technology and assured inspection plan. All processing is based on our systematic technical engineering and technological procedures. Our engineers use Auto CAD,Solid Works,Pro/E,UG and other design software to formulate drawings and processing instruction with ERP system controlling all material management. In our workshop, numerous types of industrial valves are produced with capability over 1833 ton per month. 200 sets of CNC machine, vertical lathes and horizontal lathes allows valve size up to DN2000 (NPS 80 inch). Complete secure measures are taken to guarantee our workers鈥?occupational, health safety interest in conformity with the latest ISO 45001. During each procedure, our frontline workers and operators are devoted to finishing the most qualified components with trusted expertise and are ready to take challenge of customized manufacturing for the harsh service environment. Our inspection program is set up to meet the demanding project requirements and covers a wide scope of industrial tests, including but not limited to 鈼?Chemical analysis 鈼?Mechanical property test 鈼?Hardness test 鈼?Visual inspection 鈼?Cryogenic impact test 鈼?Penetration Test 鈼?Magnetic Particle test 鈼?Radiographic testing 鈼?Ultrasonic test 鈼?Hydro pressure test 鈼?Fugitive emission test 鈼?HIC test 鈼?Painting thickness test 鈼?Wall thickness test Our customers always benefits from our value-added services due to our focus on longterm cooperation, which only flourishes with ensuring the maximum longevity of valves, the quickest response, the most comprehensive support. We act as the backbone of customers鈥?pipeline management by offering consultancy, quotation, drawing, training, commissioning, start-up, maintenance and other related after service. Once our customers meet key issue to handle, we provide our acceptable and solid solutions based on our immense sources and know-how. Consultancy With an excellent team of engineerig, reseach and development, we provide prompt reply to commercial and technical request. We are willing to participate in any possible dialogue and discussion concernning industry trend, manufacturing advancement and pipeline exploration, thus providing the suitable proposal to our users鈥?site issues. Quotation & Drawing Our sales managers respond to each inquiry within 24 hours regardless of the difficulty with full technical drawings, datasheets, catalogues. We keep tracking and follow-up of each inquiry until it is finalized in order to understand our users鈥?challenging and varied conditions on the site. Training Our global customers, distributors, agents and partner workshops have multi-channel access to our learning literature and training lessons. Our customers and partners can receive appropriate training in our office, workshop or online lesson periodically relating to valve selection, design, processing, installation, etc. Commissioning, Start-up & Maintenance Our valves are under secure and reliable control before delivery, ensuring the endurable performance in various working environment. Once it is installed, our customers will receive thorough guidance for commissiong, start & up, maintenance in order to have valve life prolonged. Our engineers and technicians are also actively involved in site instruction and communication, to keep track of the valve actual performance for years. After Sales Service Jitai Valve makes great efforts to extend our service range and maintain sustainable cooperation with our customers. Our services never cease upon the receipt of valves in warehouses of end users. Wherever our valves are used, all issues will come as priority and will be taken into prudent consideration while quick and effective solutions will be given as per requirement. Application Our superb products are vastly recoginized in all industrial sectors, including oil & gas, petrochemical, power plant, paper & pulp, water treatment, metallugical, mining, etc. From blazing desert in Nigeria to dense rainforest in Brazil, from freezing land in Siberia to lonely island in Indonesia, our rugged valves showcase the demonstrated durability in the designated pipeline beyond satisfaction. Jitai Valve is occupied in cultivating customer-oriented company culture by integrating all essential motivation. Our growing influence relies on constantly engaging our members in implementing our company value, vision and obligations. Company Value: Innovation, Respect, Integrity Company Vision: Reshape industry with boldness and firmness Company Obligation: Provide tailor-made valves at affordable cost Employee 30-year expertise with 4 factories and 350 employees Certification Countless certifications in accordance with ISO/API/CE Test 100% inspection Rate and over 98% pass rate covering full scope of critical inspection procedures Application Proven durablity and reliability in high temperature & high pressure application Delivery Delivery time within 3 days for stock valves while within 30 working days for customized valves Partnership Negotiable payment terms and trusted commercial coordination china Cast Steel Pressure Seal Globe Valves manufacturers website:http://www.jitaivalvegroups.com/

Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes price

Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes price Description of the product rubber tire gantry cranesSpan:18-35m Warranty:2 Year After-sales Service Provided:Video technical support, Field installation, commissioning and training, Field maintenance and repair service, Free spare parts, Online support Feature:Gantry Crane Applicable Industries:Building Material Shops, Machinery Repair Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Construction works , Energy & Mining Condition:New Application:shipyard, harbor Rated Loading Capacity:5-100t Rated Lifting Moment:50KN~1000KN Place of Origin:Henan, China Certification:ISO9001 ISO14001 OHSAS Working system:A6 Electric current:380V 50Hz three-phase Hoisting speed:20-30m/min Hoist traveling speed:70m/min Crane traveling speed:30/40/45 m/min Main electrical parts:Siemens or Schneider Weight overload protection:Include Limted switch:Include ISO 9001:2008::Passed Product name:Rubber tyre crane rubber tire gantry cranes for saleRubber Tired Gantry Cranes price website:http://www.mhi-crane.com/rubber-tired-gantry-cranes/

Buy discount Adult Pant Diaper

Buy discount Adult Pant Diaper Product Introduction 1. Product name: Adult Pant Diaper 2. Certificate: ISO, CE 3. ADL LAYER: the liquid to soak in quickly and reduces the rewet for keeping skin dry and clean. 4. SAP: Japan Brand 5. Color: Colorful 6. Size: M/L/XL/XXL/XXXXL 7. Material: Non-Woven Fabric 8. Absorption: Dry Surface 9. Anti-Leak: Leak Guard 10. Feature: Printed 11. Absorbent Layer: Super absorbent polymer fluff layer 12. MOQ: 150000pcs 13. Back-sheet: Breathable Back-sheet Product parameter Lead Time: According to quantity and seasons, the lead time is different. Size(L*W)Diaper WeightAbsorbencyPacking M800*65095 g80010 pcs/pack10 packs/ctn L900*750105 g100010 pcs/pack10 packs/ctn XL1000*800115 g120010 pcs/pack10 packs/ctn Product Details 1. Top sheet with non-woven, make you feel very comfortable. 2. PE tape allows easy use and refastening as necessary. 3. PE film back-sheet. 4. Leak guard can better avoid leaking. 5. Imported Pulp and SAP can absorbs fluid instantly. 6. Wetness indicator: pattern fades out when diapers become wet Our company Our company located in Liujiang Industrial Park, Liucheng, Nanan City, Fujian Province. We are specializing in the production, processing and sales of baby diapers, baby pads, adult diapers, adult pads. Besides we are expanding to produce daily paper, wet wipes and sanitary napkins, etc. Also we provide OEM processing service to meet our customers' demand and offer fully support for customers' market development with the best competitive price and highest quality products. Our Advantages 1. Free samples can be provided. 2. OEM and ODM orders are available. 3. Your sample or design is welcomed. 4. Packing can be designed with customer's own logo. 5. Terms of payment: 30% T/T in advance, 70% T/T before shipment. 6. LC at sight is also possible. 7. Delivery time: 20-25 days after receive the advance deposit. 8. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is 20ft container for mixed sizes. 9. The quotation valid time is about 20days. Final confirmation is needed. FAQ Are you a Wholesale Distributor? Yes, we are professional wholesale Distributors involved in this field more than 10 years. What鈥檚 your MOQ? Normally, our MOQ is 1 FCL, but we could apply less quantity if customers have special requirements on quantity, just the price for LCL will be a little higher than FCL. How can I get the new price of a product? Please provide the exact or approximate quantity, packing details, destination port or special requirements, then we could give you the price accordingly. How can I get a sample? We can provide free samples for your test, but samples freight should be paid by your side. How do you guarantee the quality? First of all, our quality control will reduce the quality problem to near zero. When the production is finished, they'll take samples from every batch of cargo, and send to our lab for inspection. After passed the inspection, then we will arrange the delivery. How about your after-sale service? If any technical or quality problems after you receive the cargo, you can contact us any time. If the problem caused by us, we will send you free goods for replacement or refund your loss. Why we can bring you more profit? Affordable price firstly Professional team, packing design support reduce the cost Complete quality guarantee policy makes your business more easy and safeBuy discount Adult Pant Diaper website:http://www.qfdiaper.com/adult-pant-diaper/

China springform pan uses

China springform pan uses YONGYKANG YOYA HOUSEWARE PRODUCTS CO.,LTD locates in 917 Songshi west road, yongkang city,Zhejiang, China聽Our manufactory is specialized in producing BAKEWARE ,COOKWARE,SPRINGFORM PAN,MUFFIN PAN,CAKEPAN^ To ensure the quality of products can meet customer requirements, we bring in the advanced management concept to realize the scientific and standardized management. And also we have the sophisticated supporting advanced production equipment and the standardized management system. We are in accordance with international quality system ISO9001/2000 to control the production process. Such as product design, raw material, processing, assembling, testing, after-sales service. We have abundant many technical personnel as our great friendly team, 30 managers, technical peoples and totally 100 employees. Our products are exported to more than fifty countries and regions, such as the United States, Europe, Japan, and Southeast Asia etc. We are experience to cooperation with famous super- market in the world, and also OEM production for famous brand. Long business relationship is our primarily goals, our sales and marketing force will assist you thought the buying process, accordingly in order to offer you the most innovative products we have in specific department that consistently develops, new items and design of packing, of course if you don't see an item ,we can easily have it developed designed and manufacturing directly for you. Why not does it now to confirm your best choice? Our Product BAKEWARE ,MUFFIN PAN ,CAKEPAN ,LOAF PAN, baking mould. Product Application Make all kinds of pastries, cookies, muffins, pies, pizza, toast cakes, roast chicken Our Certificate FDA and LFGB Production Equipment 30 stretching machines, 2 automatic spraying lines, 2 packaging lines Our Service In the early stage, according to customer drawings, product pictures or sample quotations, follow up the order production in the mid-term, control quality problems, design packaging, contact shipments, etc., and track quality problems in the later stage Production Market Mainly sold in European and American markets, with large cooperative supermarkets, Wal-Mart, Costco, TARGET, MacyChina springform pan uses website:http://www.yoyabakeware.com/